I recently purchased the Ducky One 2 Mini SF and I absolutely love it. I got it with the Cherry MX Brown switches, and the keyboard both looks and sounds amazing. I haven't had this much fun typing since I got my first computer!

My workflow generally involves using the Ducky keyboard on both MacOS and Windows, however, I seem to always have problems using my keyboard on my Mac. After booting the keyboard, it often stops working in 5-45 minutes and only starts working after replugging it in. Further testing suggests that the keyboard shuts down when MacOS searches for an update.

Ducky replied to a customer on Twitter confirming the issue in 2019. No fix has been released since.

After a bit of digging on the Internet, I finally found a gold post from u/Terrible-Possibility with a solution for MacOS. By changing the Vendor and Product ID on the keyboard we are able to allow MacOS to recognize it as a Mac Keyboard.

Here is how to fix it:

  1. Hold Fn + Alt + P for 3 seconds
  2. 0-9 & A-F will light up (Hexadecimal Input)
  3. Type 05AC024F (This is an Apple Vendor & Product ID)
  4. Unplug and Replug the keyboard

To confirm you have changed the IDs:

  1. Open up the System Report
  2. Navigate to the USB section and fineDucky One2 Mini
  3. You should see the PID 0x024f and  VID 0x05ac

Note: If you ever reset your keyboard by upgrading your firmware or by holding both Left Win + Right Win for 3 seconds, the VID and PID will reset. Simply follow steps 1-4 to change it again.

Credit: u/Terrible-Possibility